We provide an unparalleled selection of professional lighting, sound and staging services. View our offerings below, and contact us to learn how we can customize our packages to meet your needs.

LIghting Equipment

Opti-Par’s 6 x 16 Bars (96 lights)
40 X2.4K Dimmer Rack
24x6.k Dimmer Rack
Lycian .4 Studio 250 Spotlights
Technobeam I’s
Long Throw Video Orojector
Theatrical Lights


16 - 48 Sound Boards (Crest, Midas)
Front of the house (Crest, Midas)
Monitor boards (Crest, Midas)
Amps (QSC)
Front end speakers(EV, XLC, Line Array)
Monitors (EV)
Microphones (EV, Shure, Seinheiser)
Professional Effects Racks


Smart Staging & Stage Right Stages, 
up to 40 x 60
Side risers
Ramps Stairs

Also available: Scaffolding, podiums, CD decks, snakes for mic inputs and small sound systems for regional talent & lectures.


Pricing varies depending on the number of acts, length of event, and extent of production skill needed. Here is a general outline of our pricing structure. For more specific information, contact owner Rob Jockel using the form below, or the information found on our contact page.

$600.00-$1,200.00 for a small sound system and a wash of lights for presentations, speakers, comedians and small local bands, with an audience of 600-10,000 people. 

$5,000.00 - $10,000.00 for a multiple day festivals, fairs, major concerts, dance groups and theatrical presentations, with an audience of 4000-10,000 people.

Staff & Support

Cutting Edge Entertainment can provide a qualified, trained staff up to 30 people. We also have our own fleet of trucks and vans (no out sourcing) and include all of our own travel expenses in each proposed price. Cutting Edge Entertainment, LLC carries $2,000,000.00 of liability insurance,