arsena Schroeder

Arsena (also known as Arsena Schroeder) is an independent recording artist with soul and folk influences. Based out of Charlotte, NC, Arsena got her start in music while interning on Capitol Hill in 2009. It was there she began songwriting and playing acoustic guitar after featuring on a friend’s mixtape remake of 112‘s, Cupid.

After receiving a half of a million dollars in scholarship funding, Arsena completed her undergraduate studies at Pfeiffer University - playing the local and regional scene in her spare time. Prior to completing her studies, she married her college sweetheart and later decided to forego her graduate studies to pursue music full-time. Her first recording, The Abundantly EP was recorded in 2012 and produced with fellow college alumni, Brandon Snow. The 4-song project was a mix of songs written during Schroeder’s college years. Schroeder crowdfunded the project with the help of family, friends, and a few anonymous donations.

Schroeder starting touring the east coast in support of the Abundantly EP in 2013 playing free shows and opening act gigs. In 2014, she self-released her first full-length album, For My Artist Child. The project’s most popular single Manna and a cover of Bob Marley’s, Turn You Light’s Down Low landed her the opportunity to play the Time Warner Cable Arena leading her to receive a standing ovation from Michael Jordan. Schroeder went on in 2015 to receive grant funding from the NC Arts & Science council that allowed her to start the ‘Unplugged + Live Concert Series’. This series, a show in support of local and touring acts.

Recently, Arsena launched the Dear Soul Music Company, LLC (2017). This company provides resources for independent artists -workshops, consultations, and live shows. It’s set to offer its first series of workshops -Using Your Unique: DIY Artist Branding - March 2017 at the Kannapolis City Hall. Schroeder also plans to continue touring in support of her 2016 released, the Anchor Down Below EP, a free 5-song project co-written with local songwriting veteran Tera Jackson. WSGE/NPR says, “We applaud her entrepreneurial spirit. She is definitely about getting things done”. The Next Gig Europe says, “She has strong vocals and writes beautiful quiet compositions. The star of Arsena Schroeder is rising in the United States”.

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