As a 22 year old kid, Chris Sandy made a horrific choice that caused great pain in the lives of many people. One party, four drinks, and a decision to drive drunk resulted in the death of two innocent people. Chris will now endure regret for the rest of his life.

Chris Sandy was charged and convicted on two counts of vehicular homicide by DUI and spent 8 ½ years in prison for his crime. During his incarceration, Chris’ commitment to preventing anyone else from repeating his mistakes, led him to share his powerful story with more than 130,000 young people in Georgia. A program of this magnitude had never been tried until people heard the sincerity and conviction of Chris' message. He was not a typical inmate, convict, or prisoner...He was a messenger for young people! They listened to his story and learned invaluable lessons from his horrible choices. With the help and support of many organizations, Chris' message has saved countless lives.

Chris Sandy is now serving the remainder of his sentence on Parole/Probation until 2031. This former inmate continues sharing his dynamic live presentation "Enduring Regret" at schools, colleges, conferences, military bases, and business organizations nationwide. He is considered one of the most talented speakers in the youth industry. Chris has spoken to over a half a million people in the United States.

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