Consulting consists of teaching the basics in live performance & marketing to brushing up for TV, FLIM, SHOWCASES, & PRESENTATIONS. 

We are now taking our experience in the entertainment business and putting it to great use!  We want to share our knowledge and connections with you and be a part of your growth as an artist through Artist Relations Consulting. 

Our artist consulting services will help you perfect the following skill sets and reach a higher level of success:

  • TAKING THE STAGE :  Basic presentation for live performance.
  • "SHINE THE LIGHT, ON ME!" : Marketing your artists, yourself, your band, stand up comedy act, variety act, and presentation.
  • "GOALS? I just want to get paid!" :  We will work together on setting goals and achieving them.
  • "BOOK ME!" :  Getting gigs, keeping them, and touring .
  • "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!" : Dress, costume, stage gear
  • "I AM THE BOMB!" :  Maybe or maybe not. Let's work on perfecting confidence in your craft together. 
  • DAY JOB vs. NIGHT GIG : How to solve this problem and work towards the future
  • "MY MOM LOVES MY ACT!" : How to get everyone to love the act
  • TALENT, TALENT, TALENT : There is a whole lot more to success.   

How do I get started?  Our rates vary and you may get started by e-mailing us to let us know you're interested in our Artist Relations Consulting service.  We will contact you back to schedule an appointment to meet face-to-face or coordinate a call through Google Calendar. This will mark the starting block of our partnership together.  The call typically takes one hour (give or take).  Our call will serve as an introduction and allow us to get to know each other.  The next 2-3 sessions will be billed per session and take about 60 minutes as well. Ultimately, it is our goal to utilize our experience in the entertainment business to help you reach new heights of success.